About Recruiter.com

Our Mission: Recruit Talent Faster

Recruiter.com is disrupting the $120 billion recruiting and staffing industry by combining an AI and Video hiring platform with the world's largest network of over 27,500 small and independent recruiters. Businesses of all sizes recruit talent faster using the Recruiter.com platform, which is powered by virtual teams of Recruiters On Demand and Video and AI job-matching technology.

Believing in People

Believing in People. We're building technology to connect people and build better work experiences for everyone. Recruiting is a people business, and we keep the human element in everything we create. Our team is on a mission to open doors for people. We do this the best way we know-how instead of connecting people to jobs, we connect people to people.

Diversity at Recruiter.com

At Recruiter.com, we connect people from an extraordinarily diverse range of backgrounds and locations. We strive to make a product that makes a difference, and one that helps build a just, equitable future for us all. We committed to being an Equal Opportunity Employer ourselves and working with clients who respect both the law and spirit of equal opportunity employment. Further, we believe that, as we grow as a company, our success will be predicated on drawing from and amplifying a diverse range of voices, both internally and externally.

We are a relatively small company, but we are fortunate to have a vibrant and innovative staff from diverse backgrounds. We hold ourselves to a high standard of equity and inclusion, and currently have people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ in senior roles at the company, including executive leadership and our board.

We of course welcome people from all backgrounds to apply to our internal careers and to our client roles. We are also very interested in developing new practices to increase fairness in our hiring practices, including quantitative assessments, bias training, and reducing bias from new virtual tools that we introduce, such as video interviewing. We regularly and routinely seek out ways to improve our recruiting practices and to improve the breadth and depth of our network of recruiters.

Get to Know Us

Recruiter.com Inc. was founded in 2015 by Miles Jennings and Ashley Saddul. It's been a wild ride from a bootstrapped business headquartered in a bedroom to where we are today, a publicly-traded technology company of about 50 people, with clients across the USA.

Recruiting is in our DNA - most of our staff have many years of experience in online recruiting and technology. We're inspired every day by our mission to better connect people together to create terrific job matches.

We also love our hobbies! Our people are musicians, programmers, writers, speakers, mathematicians, gardeners, parachuters, runners, hikers, sports fanatics, backyard chicken farmers, and photographers. Recruiter.com is a family first company, with many hard-working parents raising the next generation of Recruiter.com interns.

Recruiter.com is currently headquartered in New York City, but everyone at the company is free to live and work wherever they want. We value our people and are building a wonderfully diverse team of passionate, innovative people.

Just for Fun

The word Recruiter comes from the French word "recroître", meaning to grow again, from way back in about 1635. It's original use was militaristic, from people who were responsible for inspiring others to join the enlisted ranks of armies, replenishing and growing the forces.

To get to recroître from the Old French, you take "re," meaning again and "croistre", to grow, which in turn comes from the Latin crēscere. Crēscere is related to the crescent moon, as the moon waxes or grows throughout the lunar cycle. So you wouldn't think it, but recruiters and the moon are inextricably, grammatically linked.

All said, recruiting is about growth - inspiring people to join a mission and build something better than before. And that's something that our team can get behind. At Recruiter.com, we're proud to represent the recruiting profession and all the best of its meaning.

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